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Walker Cole International is an Executive Search specialist within the pharmaceutical industry. As the pharmaceutical industry continues to break down traditional barriers with digitalisation, we share our thoughts and service consideration to help clients achieve their most optimum leadership appointments.


One of the first requirements that is raised during a client discovery meeting is ‘how long will this take?” The need to be agile and bespoke in delivery comes with the territory of successful head hunting. Modern advancements have enabled the search process to take as little as 3-4 weeks if all ‘goes well’, however, is this delivering a comprehensive, thorough process?

The average lead time for our search assignments during 2021, from engagement to completion, was 11 weeks with a range of 4 to 19 weeks. Key factors influencing these outcomes are: local versus regional search coverage and active versus head hunted professionals.

Advisory versus Delivery 

A successful executive search is bespoke and tailored to the clients’ unique needs. Walker Cole take pride in offering solutions that cater to urgent mandates as well as clients who are starting a journey of discovery. 

Our team is ready to provide comprehensive solutions to satisfy the two raw data points for any project: candidate approaches and applicant submissions. Our consultants will provide a full break down of market feedback in our search data, alongside a candidate report based on suitability assessment.

Our largest search data consisted of 356 candidates for a European wide search which was invaluable for our client who was eager to explore the probability of appointing in different locations and the associated benefits. In contrast, our fastest outcome was in response to an immediate need from clinical stage biotech. Through our extensive network, we were able to identify a shortlist and complete an appointment within two and a half weeks. This was especially rewarding as the newly appointed Vice President had lost their previous role during the unrest of the pandemic!

International Search

The past three years have shaped the modern workforce beyond reverse. The pandemic proved home working was possible in even the most traditional professions, couple with this remote working opening the door to global talent pools, executive search has had an equal dose of opportunity and complexity!

Walker Cole takes pride in delivering excellent standards of assessment and reach, the introduction of modern techniques to do so when during the recent pandemic face-to-face in-person interviewing has been logistically challenging has been a crucial addition under the guidance of AESC. 

Similarly geographical reach has become a vital tool to our search capability, the ongoing investment in our market knowledge, network and market segmentation across the pharmaceutical industry gives Walker Cole the capabilities to deliver European wide from local, regional, and international sources.

What is the most practical outcome from our International and European engagements during 2022? 

Ensure our clients have clarity on working conditions and pay structures country to country that sit outside global unity. This has proved as important as the interview process and selection.

If you would like to connect with our team about market insights or upcoming mandates, please find Andrew Davis contact details below:

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