Learning, Development, Diversity, and Inclusion

At Walker Cole International, we want everyone to feel comfortable being themselves at work and to succeed every day, everywhere we go, and in everything we do.

We are devoted to assisting and encouraging each member of our team to realise their full potential. At Walker Cole International, we understand how critical it is for every employee to have the freedom to be their genuine, authentic selves at work, and we are unified in our opposition to all forms of social injustice.

We are dedicated to treating all applicants fairly and without prejudice, and we place a high emphasis on the backgrounds, abilities, and viewpoints of people from all over the world.

Learning, Development, Diversity and Inclusion


At Walker Cole International, team members are encouraged to speak out, share ideas, and be actively engaged in our work while bringing their whole authentic selves to work every day.


Our strategy for promoting employee well-being involves creating a positive, energetic work environment while also adopting a comprehensive approach to well-being that encourages employees to lead fulfilling lives.


Walker Cole International are a proud member of “The Employers Network for

Equality and Inclusion” (ENEI).


Developing diverse talent begins with the identification and recruitment of people with varied backgrounds and experiences, and continues with their learning and growth, career promotion and retention.

Walker Cole International is proud to be “Disability Confident Committed employer” certified, as well as being accredited as a living wage employer in 2022.




Walker Cole International is passionate about organic growth and about the ongoing personal development of our employees. 


As a provider of a well-established graduate programme, our learning and development initiatives are made to keep staff members interested as they contribute significantly to our organisation's mission. 


We offer the training required for our staff to provide the highest quality service to our candidates and clients. Walker Cole International is committed to ethical, high-level standards, evidenced by our provision of recruitment services to the tightly regulated pharmaceutical and life science sectors. 


As employees traverse their careers at Walker Cole International, our professional development programs offer resources to support growth and leadership.

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