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IntroductionThis white paper outlines the three main avenues I recommend using in order to o...

By Lucy Ballard



This white paper outlines the three main avenues I recommend using in order to optimise your job search.  This includes: 

  1. LinkedIn
  2. Job Boards
  3. Partnering with Agencies

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become a popular social networking site for professionals to communicate, search for jobs, and share information. LinkedIn has many helpful functions to help you find a new role.

1.1 Secret ‘Open to Work’ Function

This function allows you to search for new roles discreetly and stops your network from knowing you are currently looking for new opportunities. Being open to work will only be highlighted to LinkedIn Recruiters who are not employed at your current business who can assist you in finding the right roles.

This function can be achieved by tapping your profile picture, viewing your profile, and tapping the ‘Open To’ button at the top of your profile. From here you can choose whether all LinkedIn members or recruiters can see you are open to work.

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1.2 Searching through skills and experience

The way that recruiters search and find suitable candidates for job vacancies is through using a Boolean Search. This consists of keywords and terms which are needed for the role. Therefore, inputting skills and key responsibilities that your role (and past roles) consists of will enhance your chance of being contacted.

Additionally, ensuring that your profile is updated and includes your professional experience, education, and personal interests will help set you apart from the crowd and make you more attractive to recruiters and hiring managers.

1.3 Job Search Function

LinkedIn advertises the company’s vacancies which can be found under the ‘Jobs’ function at the top bar. This allows you to search for vacancies around your location via job title, skill, or industry. This helps to give an overview of what is available in the market and allows you to apply directly to the company or partnered recruiter.

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When you have filtered by the job requirements you are able to turn on ‘job alerts’ to keep you updated without logging in. This can be done by choosing the ‘Jobs’ function and clicking on the left-hand side to tailor what alerts you wish to receive. 

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2. Job Boards

Utilising job boards can be overlooked, especially in the younger generation who are more likely to use trendy to social media platforms. They can be particularly useful as they allow a full copy of your CV to be uploaded and searching can be very easy as certain options can be selected to narrow down what sort of vacancies you get approached about. 

I would suggest tagging:

  • Location / open to relocation
  • What roles you are looking for
  • Notice period

3. Partnering with Recruitment Agencies

Working with recruitment agencies can advance your job search in many ways, they can help to tailor your search and guide you through the application process. 

3.1 Tailoring job search

One of the skills recruiters can bring to your job search is market knowledge, they know their clients well and understand what they are looking for as much as what you are looking for. Recruiters will leverage existing clients as well as their network of connections and recommendations to identify a suitable role for you.

Their market knowledge will also allow them to give you advice on salary bandings and what companies are currently hiring in the market.

3.2 Applications and CV formatting

As part of their service, recruiters will ensure CVs that are sent to clients are formatted correctly to help highlight key skills for the role and ensure expectations are made clear before pursuing the application.

They will ensure support throughout the application stage including interview preparation to answer any questions and highlight the key topic areas to have in the forefront of your mind before the interview. This will also be backed up with consistent communication between the candidate and client to ensure both are kept in the loop to ensure a pleasant and smooth process.

3.3 Negotiation

Recruiters have strong relationships with the clients they work with, and this allows effective consultation on a candidate’s expectations throughout the process which in turn ensures consistent communication with both parties and raise any issues as soon as possible to maximise the chances of a successful application.


In conclusion, utilising all three methods together will give your job search the best chance of success. LinkedIn will provide the chance to extend your network in the market, Job boards can offer a filtered search for roles and give a higher chance of recruiters getting in touch and Agencies can provide a bespoke partnership to searching for a role and help you prepare for interviews and format your CVs.

Walker Cole International have actively supported over 1500 candidates to date in their efforts to secure a new position, across the UK and several European territories including Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands, and Italy. 

We have specialist expertise in Quality Assurance, Regulatory Affairs, Technical Operations, Supply Chain, Commercial Roles and Clinical.

Please do get in touch for a free consultation on your job search and how we can support you.

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